Out of tragedy comes compassion

June has been a month that seen media coverage of tragedies across the world. There has been further attacks from terrorists where large amounts of people have  died and the Grenfell Tower that burst into flames.

I do not watching or listen to the news.

This is because I get upset and affected by the terrible things that are displayed or talked about. This then has chain reaction in my day and my energy.

To start and end my day on a good note, leaving myself energised for the day and the following day,  and  the ability to make  small differences in the world around me.

So off I drove to a Network meeting on the Tuesday morning, listening to Wayne Dyer Audiobook on Youtube. I sit down for my breakfast and Trisha says “isn’t it terrible whats has happened in Manchester?”

Around the table many of the participants made a mention to the atrocious act that had been carried out, killing such young people that had happily and excitedly, left their families to see one of their favourite pop idols.

My very first thought as I listened was the 911 horror.

Why you may ask?

This probably was the most horrific disaster of my life, to the present time, killing hundreds of people, mothers, fathers, grandparent, children and partners.

The outcome was a stronger community formed.

Funds were raised, people rallied to help survivors, and compassion and support was given to those that lost someone that day. Debris was cleared and much other needed  aid given. This continued to happen, not for a moment but ongoing.

Why is it that it takes a disaster before we wake us up?

True to form of the human race, these disasters brought out the best in many. As in the caveman days when we instantly knew that it is easier to work inclusively as a team, why?

Because it is inherent in all of us to be a part of something bigger than ourselves, to feel a sense of importance. All of a sudden depression, anxieties dissipate and we are enabled to be active and forget about ourselves.

What could you do today, that could give you that sense of purpose?

I just make it a policy to smile at people and aim to make them smile back. Not a huge overwhelming act, just a small act of kindness. I in turn feel good and hopefully the other person has a feeling of being noticed.

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