Do you want to quit?

Do you want to quit smoking, alcohol or something else?

Have you tried to quit smoking before or stopped for a while only to return? Do you have something else that you have a craving for.

Do you feel like you are a prisoner of the cigarette, substance or behaviour?

Maybe you talk about the addiction or behaviour as though it is who you are? The cigarette or substance is your friend?

Do you want to quit after the next one?

It’s okay, it’s not your fault! This is how your brain has been hijacked by the substance and or a behaviour.

You have the tools inside of you to overcome and create the change to be free of the chains that are currently binding you. I can help you use those tools to enable you to take back control. Providing you with the freedom you deserve. Your mind and life back in control. You in firmly in the drivers seat.

Typically this process will look like:

You making a call.


  • Homework for a week prior to a meeting.
  • 3 hour Session:  Looking at the how and why of your addiction or behaviour. When did it begin? How did it begin and working through the techniques that give you back control? Reinforcing change and remind you that you are free and in charge.