Mothers of university Students

Off to university

for the 1st time leaving you feeling a range of emotions from Pride to empty, a joy to sadness and maybe a terrible sense of fear.

Maybe you had a feeling of emptiness and abandonment, surplus to requirement?

This feeling of loss when a child leaves home is perfectly normal.

Many mothers and sometimes fathers have a sense of loss and grieving when their children leave home for the first time. This can result in depression and a visit to the G.Ps office where you may be offered counselling or maybe medication.

Well! mum, you bought this tiny helpless baby into the world. You provided food, shelter and emotional well-being and stability.

You watched as they took their first steps, cut that first tooth and kept a lock of hair from their first haircut.

When they stumbled and fell who was it that cradled them and washed down their grazes?
You taught them the alphabet and how to count along with the colours of the rainbow.

You have changed their nappies, washed the clothes and have been around their whole lives and who knows your child better than you.

Well, now they have left you to begin a new adventure on their own. Oh no! who is going to nurture them and be there when they fall over.

Not you. You can however always stalk them

As human beings, we have basic needs. These are to be a part of something bigger than yourself and also to be needed.

So as a parent it makes sense that you’re time and focus for 18 years or more has been on that baby that you have so tenderly loved and cared for in so many ways.
It is natural to have had an overwhelming fear. As your emotions and thoughts start to race away and you start to make up all sorts of stories of how they will not be able to cope without you.

But come on. Do you remember when you left home? How did your mother react?
You got there though. Right? You grew up and managed to have your own family quite successfully. Now it is their turn to have the opportunities to get it wrong and learn some new lessons in their own way and on their own road.

We all know that you will be there still to wipe their grazes when asked.Mothers of university Students

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