Mind Chatter?

Do you have a constant chattering in your head?

I can’t do! I don’t deserve! Everybody else is happy! If I don’t do X, then they won’t except/like me. Do you feel depressed or have anxiety/ panic attacks? Do you want to quit smoking? have irrational thoughts or fears, maybe about heights or spiders?

This is the constant MIND CHATTER that comes in from your unconscious, the beliefs and values that have been formed in your mind from the experiences you have had, mostly from the early part of your life story.

Thoughts whether conscious or unconscious can be so strongly imprinted into the internal thought processes that they can cause you to have blocks or behaviours that limit you from fully experiencing and creating that wonderful and fulfilling life, that you deserve.

 Beliefs and behaviours

Together we will explore the areas that are currently not working and, remove those blocks/ limiting beliefs that  no longer  serving or protecting you.

Is your mind holding on to something that is stopping you from being the best you can be? Is there a belief a feeling or a behaviour that is no longer serving you? Using Hypnotherapy, Business or Life Coaching  can help.

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