What Label are giving yourself?

What do you believe about yourself and others?

Speaking to a gentleman the other day, he proceeded to tell me how his friends daughter has OCD, Autism, Tourettes/Ticks, Depression, Cutting herself, Anxiety etc.

Her family sought treatment for their daughter and sent her abroad.

When returning home she completed her A levels and went on to achieve a degree in teaching.

However, now works in a lowly paid industry as a waitress, due to still finding  difficulty in managing stressful situations and environments.

Happily she no longer has the Ticks as she has learn’t strategies to control them (which leaves her very tired) no longer depressed or anxious and no more cutting, so my question to the gentleman

me “So the girl is better then?”

man “no”

me “but she is no longer ADHD, or has anxiety, depression, OCD, or tourretts?

Man “yes she still has everything”

I was thinking if none of the above is displayed then how can this be?

But then I was thinking in my map of the world and my beliefs, not the other persons.

This got me thinking!

About THE LABELS we put on ourselves and others. The language we use to ourselves and others.

I am suffering he is battling, they are struggling and many more negative war words that we use. We speak as if our life is a war zone that we are having within ourselves.

And of course a lot of the time maybe we are.

Through the inner talk and stories we tell ourselves.

You know! the part that wants the last piece of chocolate and the part that wants to lose weight, yes, many of you out there have had this inner argument with yourself.

Where did we learn?

this self sabotage stuff?  Was it our Parents, Grandparents, Teachers, Churchmen?

The brain serves to protect us in what ever way it can. It still operates as if we were cavemen, hiding and running away from a Sabre-tooth Tiger. Which comes in the disguise of a spider.

Not all the software has caught up with the world as we know it now. It has let us create some behaviours that do not serve us in the most co-operative way in the world today.

Is it true?

Is it just true because we belief something to be so, or is it true because someone else told us it was? How do you know a table is a table?

Dr. Bruce Lipton PhD wrote a book (Biology of Belief) and lectures on his findings of how our thoughts actually change the proteins that create our DNA. For you You Tube lovers here the link to a lecture.

The beliefs that we created as children, are not nesseccarily true for us as adults, and if we relook at an event as an adult, will often  reframe it with a different meaning.

The stories you were told as a child or told yourself, remain in the unconscious.  You may have a behaviour that does not support a future that gives you joy.

And here lies my question?

If you have treatment and it is successful e.g  you are no longer depressed or anxious,

why not let the problem go completely, instead of a part of you wanting to cling to the safety net of THE LABEL waiting for the Sabre-Tooth Tiger to rear up and bite you in the ass.

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