Hypnosis, what is it?

Hypnosis, what is it?


Hypnosis is the natural state of trance experienced by all of us – we go into it just before falling asleep. Or when we are in deep concentration, focused or in tunnel vision.

Did you ever experience sitting in the classroom and going into a daydream? You still somehow knew when to speak and were able to answer questions. Or, driving along a road (highway hypnosis) and suddenly becoming aware of the road, thinking you may have missed your turning. This was due to your unconscious operating and keeping you safe, whilst your conscious was dialled down for a moment.

Your unconscious is the core of you. It is where your beliefs and values reside, and these are the control centres of your behaviours. Many of these were learned and created when you were a child before the age of 10 or even younger.

Emotions are linked to the thoughts that have been saved and stored in the unconscious. This links to the old saying of “Strong Emotions Make you Stupid “Joseph Le Doux.  If you really are in control of all your thought and actions then why do you continue to have reactions and behaviours that are not helpful?  The answer is: the unconscious has created a way of letting you believe that it is keeping you safe.

How can I help?

There are many tools available to us; books, DVD’s, group meetings and courses. Therapy can be used as a tool for areas of your life that are not working as well as you would like them to. These may include
• Addictions or dependencies
• Anxiety
• Confidence & Self-esteem issues
• Depression
• Fears and Phobias

Change can be easier than you think.



sessions over Skype, Zoom and Facetime are available.

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