Depression and students

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Students are you experiencing depression?

I have been talking to a university drop-out who left university due to feeling lonely and depressed in her 2nd year.

This is was a little of what she shared.

So the 1st term was a new adventure. Planting new seeds, finding new friends that have have similar interests and bonding with people on the same course.

Freshers week began. Parties, lots of drinking and some misuse of drugs.

Well we all like to fit in, don’t we?

Her focus in the 1st term was fitting in and making new friends

She found that due to the late nights of fun, many students, including her, were staying in bed and missing lectures. After a while, other students were borrowing money to continue partying and pay for rent and food.  Although she didn’t borrow money, she did run out and found it difficult to manage and she shared that student finance was one of the most difficult issues for many students.

Very quickly some fell into debt.

Bank of mum & dad




Many of the students became overwhelmed as they were missing lectures,  falling behind with their studies and getting into debt.  The bank of mum and dad was no longer available. She was at a complete loss as to what to do. There didn’t appear to be anywhere to turn.

Nobody had ever told her about this side of University. Many students had never needed to manage their own finances and any money they had earned had been used for extras.

Depression set in.


statistics of students


In her 2nd year, she moved in with a group of boys as she had felt uncomfortable with the girls she had previously become acquainted with. Feeling even more alone now, as she had little in common with lad talk and behaviours, she became depressed, isolated and withdrawn. Eventually, she decided to drop out of the course completely.

It was with hindsight

Through our conversation she had some insight. The course that she had chosen attracted many from a higher income bracket whose parents supported them financially and were able to provide extras and luxuries.

She realised she had felt outside of her comfort zone with people from a different social class as she had nothing in common with them.

She considered joining other interest groups available in university but they required fees and she had no money to pay these.

Living with a group of boys further isolated her and eventually she felt very alone and depressed


After living a party lifestyle, the body gets tired as we cannot continue to sustain this lifestyle – physically or mentally.

Struggling with financial issues can be debilitating, particularly if it is an ongoing problem and worry around paying bills can lead to anxiety and depression.

Trying to juggle study, finances and enjoyment can be difficult, particularly when you are away from home for the first time.

It is important for young people to feel that they fit in, connect with others and are part of a group. If they are unable to do this they may experience isolation, loneliness and depression.

All colleges and universities have confidential counselling available to students.

Below is a link to a website detailing lots of information and support.

Depression warning signs



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