What is alcohol and is it bad?

What is alcohol and is it bad? Alcohol is a colourless volatile flammable liquid which is produced by the natural fermentation of sugars. An interesting encounter happened to me the other evening. Whilst attending an evening event, we had been asked to share our goals and aspirations. I shared mine about creating workshops where mums Continue reading »

Mothers of university Students

Off to university for the 1st time leaving you feeling a range of emotions from Pride to empty, a joy to sadness and maybe a terrible sense of fear. Maybe you had a feeling of emptiness and abandonment, surplus to requirement? This feeling of loss when a child leaves home is perfectly normal. Many mothers Continue reading »

Depression and students

Students are you experiencing depression? I have been talking to a university drop-out who left university due to feeling lonely and depressed in her 2nd year. This is was a little of what she shared. So the 1st term was a new adventure. Planting new seeds, finding new friends that have have similar interests and Continue reading »

Joy! Is it just a word?

What brings you Joy? How many times in a day do you go into a day dream and, acknowledge the small things that you bring  you joy. How about saying to yourself, “I choose to feel joy” today. Often you spend time focusing on other every day stuff, that you overlook the smallthings that happen Continue reading »

Out of tragedy comes compassion

June has been a month that seen media coverage of tragedies across the world. There has been further attacks from terrorists where large amounts of people have  died and the Grenfell Tower that burst into flames. I do not watching or listen to the news. This is because I get upset and affected by the Continue reading »

What Label are giving yourself?

What do you believe about yourself and others? Speaking to a gentleman the other day, he proceeded to tell me how his friends daughter has OCD, Autism, Tourettes/Ticks, Depression, Cutting herself, Anxiety etc. Her family sought treatment for their daughter and sent her abroad. When returning home she completed her A levels and went on to achieve a degree Continue reading »

Mind Chatter?

Do you have a constant chattering in your head? I can’t do! I don’t deserve! Everybody else is happy! If I don’t do X, then they won’t except/like me. Do you feel depressed or have anxiety/ panic attacks? Do you want to quit smoking? have irrational thoughts or fears, maybe about heights or spiders? This Continue reading »